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A savvy strategist who has demonstrated his gifts as a consultant to individuals, organizations and churches, helping them to develop their full potential. Danny Martinez holds a Doctorate degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and has more than 30 years of administrative and ministerial experience.

One of the gifts God uses Danny Martinez in is through teaching. He has been a professor at the Center for Hispanic Theological Studies, North Park Seminary and held international conferences and trainings in more than 20 countries. He is characterized by his sense of humor, practicality and prophetic voice.

Danny Martinez is the superintendent of the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant. Connecting and overseeing more than one hundred churches of all shapes and sizes in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Eastern Missouri, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

As an internationally recognized speaker and preacher, he has spoken for organizations and events such as GATHER, Midwinter, Moody Bible Institute, North Park Seminary, CHET, and CHIC. For invitations click on the picture above.

Being able to sing and be in touch with a live audience is something that Danny is passionate about. If you are interested in attending an upcoming concert or booking one, click on the photo above to contact him.

With more than 40 years of musical career, Danny Martinez is a versatile composer and singer. His music is available on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Services & Ministries

Danny Martinez offers a multifaceted array of services to cater to a wide spectrum of interests and needs. His talents extend from music composition and live concerts that promise captivating entertainment to consulting services that draw on his wealth of expertise. As a dynamic speaker, he delivers inspiring and informative talks across diverse topics, leaving a lasting impact on his audience. Additionally, his workshops provide valuable opportunities for skill development and knowledge enhancement, making Danny Martinez a versatile resource for various creative and professional endeavors.

What Our Friends Say


Tom Patitucci // Master Musician 

Danny Martinez’s new recording, “Colores” is like a musical buffet, feeding the body, mind, heart and soul with a variety of musical delicacies. Danny sings (in English and Spanish) with a great band, delivering salsa, r&b, pop, funk and rock with ease and authority. There is plenty of danceable material here but Danny also speaks to our heart and soul about the celebration and struggle of following Jesus. You will find pastoral encouragement here as well as honest expression of the life challenges we all face. On a personal note, I love the musical variety of this project. It makes me happy to be dancing to salsa on one tune and then grooving to some r&b on the next. I strongly recommend you sample this musical buffet that Danny and his friends have provided for us. I think you will be satisfied with your “meal”!
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